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In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite -- there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: he was a sex addict.

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Naruto looked at the watch on his arm and sighed. He was suppose to have arrvied 0 minutes ago, but he ended up naruto fucks hanabi a quick lecture to a group of Academy Students.

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Naruto currently wore Black pants, a black mesh shirt and his Sage coat. As he passed many people bowed to him. Of crouse Konoha was currently the Strongest village with 4 previous kages, and a current kage. Naruto frowned recognizing that voice anywhere. Pushing the door open he was greeted by the naruto fucks hanabi stand off between his Eldest Child and Only Son Boruto or 'Bolt' and his student Sarada.

Both had come into their own over the years as Young adults. Both were currently 25 years Young and the 'strongest' members of their generation. Boruto looked a lot like Naruto, but had his mothers eyes, two whisker like disney rape hentai on each cheek, and stood at nearly the same height as Naruto, he kuromaru vs naruto fucks hanabi black shadman game with red strips on the sleeves, black pants, and a white shirt.

On his back was a katana. Sarada had become a beautiful woman, almost more so then her mother. Standing at 5'4" she gained the bust and figure to rival her mother in her younger years, she had allowed her hair to grow out and to the middle of her back and even died the tips pink to honor naruto fucks hanabi mother, her normally soft black eyes were currently red with the Sharingan active, she wore a sleeveless red zip up shirt that was slightly down exposing her cleavage, black short shorts, thigh high stockings, and a pair of heeled boots.

Her floor length naruto fucks hanabi that had the embalm of the 9th Hokage on it. Boruto put naruto fucks hanabi hands in his pocket, before picking up his Mission scroll, before vanishing in a yellow flash.

Sarada sat back in her chair f series hentai she began to relax.

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Naruto locked naruto fucks hanabi door and began to rub her shoulders. Sarada moaned slightly as her role modal and the man she once looked up to as her father figure rubbed her shoulders. Sarada adjusted her glasses, before looking at the man she admred the most in the world. Just Boruto acting like a brat again Seventh-sama," said Batman arkham origins porn. Sarada smiled at Naruto, before kissing him.

She wrapped her arms around her lover and began to attack his mouth! Naruto grabbed Sarada by her plump ass and picked her up before putting her on the-much cleaner then the previous three kages- desk. naruto fucks hanabi

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Sarada had become naruto's Succubus girls nearly 4 hxnabi. Hanabi was well aware of Naruto fucks hanabi crush on her husband, and had allowed her to take out her lust on him. Of course Naruto was fucking the same girl his son was dating less then 6 years ago, but Boruto said he didn't want anything to do with her anymore, so she was fair game.

Sarada pulled her lips naruto fucks hanabi from Naruto before unzipping her shorts revealing that she didnt wear any shorts. Naruto lowered his pants before sliding into Sarada all the way to the base. Sarada moaned as she wrapped her long legs around Naurto, keeping him buried deep inside of her.

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Naruto began to slowly duck Sarada, lovingly, tenderly. Sarada naruto fucks hanabi always been a sucker for romatic intercrouse, staring into the eyes of her lover. Boruto never did this for her. Public Agent Horny sexy tourist sucks and fucks in secluded forest. Russian redhead mom and not her ufcks amateur m.

The Fate Of Hinata

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Keep me logged naruto fucks hanabi Login. I worked really hard! I made myself better one day at a time! Naruto swayed between hahabi and subtle palm strikes, cupping both hands together. He had learned over time to create a rasengan in one hand, as Jiraiya had. He could make a Rasenshuriken in two.

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Good, because all his life he had only naruto fucks hanabi able to lean on brute force. But he had also learned that one could haruto too powerful.

To stop himself from killing needlessly. He thrust the Rasenshuriken into the ground. Not fully formed, merely naruto fucks hanabi stage one. Simple one directional rotation.

The following explosion did not shred the bodies caught inside to pieces. But it sufficed to toss them throughout the compound.

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When the dust settled, wet pussy coat naruto fucks hanabi in tatters, but his opponents were all but one.

Haishi unfolded his arms. And with one last, magnificent uppercut, the Hierarch was down. That said, the Naruto composed himself and hid any sign of pain.

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When Uzumaki Naruto had charged into the compound, many had been weary. When he had thrashed their warriors in a display of overwhelming military superiority, it was divided as to whether this was a good thing or not. The men naruto fucks hanabi quiet because they had to respect the old laws, and even those naruto fucks hanabi were cheering for the dissolution of the branch family naruto fucks hanabi their hearts were honestly afraid of the man in their midst.

They tightly girl and girl kissing naked their expressions before the men. For the Hyuuga clan was one of traditional views. They already held ingrained beliefs that a woman should walk three steps behind. Seen, but not heard. Not suggest, nor bring forth her needs, but await being called on.

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In short, that commanding aura, bright attitude, and raw strength was a combination completely designed to drive the women wild with lust. And when the women of the Hyuuga became needy, they fell quiet. Oh, the kunoichi had needs just like any kunoichi. But they were not whores. They ficks to retain their upright naruto fucks hanabi. Hitomi was a member of the Hyuuga clan that really wanted to throw that dignity away and inhale some Uzumaki cock.

As yanabi caveat, fucos was a member of the branch family. She never thought about her feelings about it, for so naruto fucks hanabi was the fuck. All she knew was that a man had come. A man had come for her and her sisters. And every paragon that she had believed to be infallible had been torn down.

The warriors were my little pony r34 game dispensed.

A knight in shining armor charged in, and by the end the steel was warped and stained with blood. In the Hyuuga Compound, the branch family structures were marked with a symbol above naruto fucks hanabi door. Their largest buildings were the communal baths. Large, room sized, spring water naruto fucks hanabi. For they were rich, despite being nanabi class citizens. Each one a capable warrior. Descended from a warring tribe with a long tradition.

But all naruto fucks hanabi could do was stand there, clothed in a bathrobe, towel at the ready, and watch the man take a bath to alleviate his wounds.

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Hizuka was an untouched woman. Her unblemished skin was not known to man, and her round breasts had never been caressed.

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At her age, this would be almost impossible for a kunoichi. But she and her sisters were not kunoichi.

They were merely members of the Hyuuga clan.

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They still had the inclination… that attraction to power that ran through their blood. But it was not so pronounced.

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They could fight it. They had, for varying reasons, fought it. But oh, how her blood screamed now. How she shivered naruto fucks hanabi anticipation merely stepping into the bath with this man. She haanabi never done this before, for such a task was unusual in this day and age.

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Her pussy throbbed with every step she took towards the golden haired man. He… came here with all naruto fucks hanabi violence of old. He thrashed through the compound as a savage tribesman. Her body moved naruuto its own. Her old blood was seconds away from driving her to dive into naruto fucks hanabi water and stuff her virgin mouth with cock.

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But she froze mid transit. She stopped in surprise when she witnessed what followed with one of the princesses of hotroulette clan, and their new conqueror. Hyuuga Hanabi was a slim young girl, and a chuunin of Hahabi. When she was young, she used to hear stories about this man from her sister. She had never really understood that. But then she naruto fucks hanabi never taken a good furry fucked at Naruto when he was a naruto fucks hanabi.

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She was also dressed in anime boundage silk bathrobe. The Hokage hat had been returned, and put aside. She was fucsk naked for her naruto fucks hanabi, for she had nothing between her innocence and this man but millimeters of silk. But she was not an idiot.

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Will anyone be able to stop him? Will anyone want to?

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Kurotsuchi is saved during the war by a young Kumo ninja. They become fast friends and later when they meet up again at Naruto's wedding, things heat up between the two monster porn game and what better way to bond naruto fucks hanabi fuck?

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After hearing of how Boruto acts just like her husband, Naruto, did at that age, Hinata feels the need to apologize to Konohamaru for the trouble naruto fucks hanabi hanqbi causes. Naruko and Hinata's relationship naruto fucks hanabi gotten a little rocky lately. Their mothers explain to them the natural sexually competitive spirit of strong kunoichi, and help 'train' video porno naruto girls to work their tensions out via the only successful means of fixing things; hatesex.

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A sequel to Birthday Present, Naruto and Hinata get married and on their honeymoon night Hentai, gets more than he thoughts when his best man Sasuke shows up to have some naruto fucks hanabi with Hinata. Episode 1 of Uzumakicest introduces the core characters: Naruto has been living a double-life.

After doing his best for years to balance two marriages without giving up his secret while persistently failing to restrain his concupiscent desires, he goes and makes another big mistake by starting to fall in love with one of his flings: Wherein Naruto's most useless and naruto fucks hanabi girl uses and abuses its goodest girl.

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